MooMoo aims to fill the 'meat-lover's gap' in more ways than one. We have broken the mould when it comes to the traditional steakhouse. Our quirky personality is reflected in everything from the overtly  tongue-in-cheek humour to the various touches like MooGazine menus, cows Mooing in the 'Outhouse' toilets & grass on the tables.  The stores are modern & trendy without being presumptuous or too serious.

Our passion is our MEAT. We don't believe in blurring the lines- meat is not our 'main focus', its our only focus. Its all we serve. The menu boasts a variety of meals for all occasions, with our famous steaks, ribs & burgers being famous for a reason. 

But what is meat without wine? Our extensive wine list allows you to drink everything on it by both the bottle & the glass. Each store has a 'Wall of Wine' that holds an ever-changing selection of wines that are not on the wine list. Here you can find everything from new wines on the market, to special limited release vintages and even some wines that cannot be purchased in stores, but from the wine farms only. Its always fun to poke around & see what treasures it holds.

However we are serious about our product. "Specialise' is not a term we use loosely. We back it up.

We have our own off-site butchery where we focus on sourcing, aging & portioning the meat sold in store. We also make all our own burger patties to make sure only the very best aged meat goes into them. We have built our reputation on our 'MooMeat' & have made sure that its so good, it keeps our MooMoo Herd coming back for more. 

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